Lake Purrumbete Holiday Park Fishing

Lake Purrumbete is without doubt the best place to catch a trophy trout in Victoria. Set in a beautiful location and has been stocked with Rainbow, Brown Trout, Chinook Salmon, Brook Trout, Redfin and Eel .

The lakes have a productive eco system with good hatches of duns, mudeyes, snails and freshwater shrimp which has enabled outstanding growth rates in the fish. This haven provides you with the perfect opportunity to catch double figure fish in the 10lb range as many of our clients can attest.

Lake Purrumbete is famous for it’s gargantuan Trout, Salmon and redfin from its seemingly bottomless depths. It once held the world record for growth rates for 3-year-old rainbow trout at a mammoth 11.3kg! At more than 60 meters deep, I’m sure there are still some true monsters dwelling that still evade capture.


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